YWI Dormansland

Find Santa's Elves!

We’ve had this letter from Santa!……

Dear YWI Dormansland,

10 of my helper elves have gone out to play but I need your help to find them. They are very small and not easy to see, especially if you are a grown up. Please can you let me know if you spot them? They have sent me a few clues, but if you can find them all, they can stay in Dormansland for Christmas as they can help me to steer my sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Thank you for your help,

Santa Claus

Here are some clues. Can you find them all?

A row of cottages called Jeddere, Elsa’s up there in the air.
A gate, a post, so discreet, Edmond’s sitting in West Street.
Our lovely park, so much to see, Ethel’s hiding in a tree.
The cross roads hosts a lovely green, Evie’s waving from the tree.
The edge of the village near The Plough, Eric’s in the wooden tower.
Where the poppies once did float, Elana’s hanging on the post.
New Farthingdale meets Dormans Close, Emery’s hiding uppermost.
Newhache is a lovely green, is that Everett who can just be seen?
Plough Road, just beyond the hall, Ezra’s dancing; don’t let him fall!
Another post, a laurel hedge, Elsie’s on the village edge.

Please take care when looking for the elves, and please ensure that children are always supervised by an adult.

Please do not remove the elves from their hiding places so that others can join in.


When you spot one, why not take a picture and add to your Facebook feed and tag us in. Tag the YWI Dormansland page with the heart logo!

They will be removed from their stations before 12th night.